Carlos Salazar


Urban Alphabet

I'm so excited to be starting this blog as a way to express and communicate my ideas on design, typography, storytelling, and culture!

For my first blog post, I'm focusing on a topic often overlooked by many — Typography. So what is typography? Typography is the arrangement of type and the various processes that come with it. It could be printed or digital and it can be found anywhere from signage, packaging, movies, and commercials. It's literally everywhere! It's so prevalent that people generally forget it is there. Which brings me to the idea that if we just take a second to appreciate the things around us, whether natural or manmade, we would be surprised with what we find. 

Not only is it important to take a little break and actually notice the world around us but it might even spark a new idea. This urban alphabet project started this past summer when I went to Disney with my family to celebrate my niece's birthday. While I was out evaporating in the heat of summer, waiting for my sister and niece to get out from It's a Small World, I noticed the first letter of my alphabet. It was a T that was waiting to be noticed. It was flirting with me and it wanted me to photograph it. Rigid and pronounced, the outdoor light fixture soon made its way into my camera roll. What followed was a fascination over finding all the letters of the alphabet as I looked everywhere from columns, roofs, furniture and just about any structure that could make the shape of one of my letters. 

The point of this little story is that you can find design everywhere. I was able to make an alphabet out of objects that are often seen as just objects. But when we start observing and noticing our surroundings, we really start to grasp the idea that design is all around us and it is begging to be noticed!