Carlos Salazar

THR33FOLD Brand Book

{ branding, style guide, layout design }

By concentrating on the qualities & mission of THR33FOLD, I designed a brand book that emphasizes the power of collaboration and social responsibility. Much of the layout unifies typography, images, and shapes in order to develop this sense of community. The logo was used in pattern to signify the connection between brands and consumers. Graphics of hands further the idea of collaboration, activism, and authenticity.

Moreover, to play off of the name of the agency, many of the elements are in 3s. The threefold law (or law of return) states that whatever energy you put out returns 3 times larger. This definition makes sense for an integrated and digital marketing agency with a conscience. Ultimately, an origami is included within the brand definition as a sort of metaphor : each fold is just as important as the next in order to get to the end result.